Venerable Dreadnought

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Venerable Drednought

A Venerable Dreadnought is a variant of the standard Imperial Casttraferrum-pattern dreadnought walker used by the Order of the Adeptus Astartes, whose denizen is said to be one of the oldest and wisest Space Marines still in the service of the Empire of Man.

Dreadnoughts are cybernetic walkers that house the remains of a fallen Space Marine hero so that he may continue to fight for the Emperor of Mankind and his Chapter, even after his body has been mortally crippled.

Venerable dreadnoughts have fought in thousands of battles over the course of many centuries or even millennia. These dreadnoughts are the veterans of wars and battles, now regarded as myth and legend by the younger Astartes of their Chapters.

Venerable dreadnoughts have acquired vast amounts of knowledge and insight into warfare over the course of their long lives. These ancient warriors have fought for the Emperor for so long that they have become almost impervious to damage and can only truly be stopped by the total and utter destruction of their armored sarcophagus.

The vast amount of knowledge and experience venerable dreadnoughts have acquired earns them great respect among the other warriors of their order. From the lowest initiate to the Chapter Master, all will eventually seek the advice of one of these Elders.

Venerable dreadnoughts are usually armed in the same way as other dreadnoughts, with a dreadnought melee weapon and a long-range weapon arm.

The most common melee weapon found on Venerable Dreadnoughts is a bladed version of the Dreadnought Powerfist, sometimes referred to as the Dreadnought Power Claw, and these weapons are most common on dreadnoughts of all types that use the older Mark IV Castraferrum dreadnought chassis.

There are rarer patterns of Dreadnought Powerfists that take the form of a human hand with four fingers, and even rarer that feature the use of a full five fingers. These types of powerfists allow dreadnoughts to use an opposable thumb, allowing for a greater degree of manual dexterity when picking up objects or enemies.

Venerable dreadnoughts can wield any of the long-range weapons used by other dreadnoughts, such as an assault cannon, double-linked lascannons, a storm bolter, a heavy bolter, or an autocannon, along with weapons such as a plasma cannon, heavy flamethrower, inferno cannon, flamestorm cannon, multi-melter, or rocket launcher.

Venerable dreadnoughts can also be armed with weapons unique to certain chapters, such as the Gray Knights' Psycannons, Nemesis Doomfists, and Nemesis Doomglaives, the Blood Angels' Bloodfists and Blood Talons, and the Dreadfire Fists used by some of the dreadnoughts of the Chapter of the Salamanders.

Similar to all dreadnoughts, venerable dreadnought melee weapons are usually equipped with either built-in weapons or weapons attached to the underside of the walker's chassis, which usually contains either a storm bolter or a heavy flamethrower.

Venerable dreadnoughts can also be outfitted with additional armor, usually in the form of conspicuous icons of gold depicting the buried warrior's tales of glorious battles and past victories.

Venerable dreadnoughts can also be equipped with searchlights and smoke launchers and other upgrades that may be unique to their respective chapters.

This box set contains one multi-part plastic Venerable Dreadnought. This 84-piece set includes: a plasma cannon, an assault cannon, a laser cannon, a heavy flamethrower, a storm bolter, two different power fists including one decorated, and a set of smoke launchers. Also included are: two different sets of ornate leg guards, three different helms, six seals of purity, two different pennants, a variety of sarcophagus armor plates, multiple sarcophagus designs, and a variety of Crux Terminatus and other Imperial Icons.


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