Vauban Battlefleet Set

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The Vauban stands as the largest and oldest of the early generation levant vessels still in service to the Republique. When she was launched, photojournalists captured her majesty, imprinting her image on the collective imagination of the French people. She hung low in the sky, an engineering marvel, sending waves of heroic fighters and bombers to victory.

Following the public debut of the first Vauban Sky-Fortress, French military recruitment centers experienced a remarkable 22% increase in enlistments. Requests for positions within the Service Aeronautique flooded in, prompting the deployment of public relations officers to redirect applicants to areas of greater need. Young recruits were enticed into infantry roles with promises of potential advancement to crew positions on Levant cruisers and, perhaps, even a coveted position on a Vauban, although such opportunities were rare.

Many fortunate pilots found themselves crewing Frelon Bombers, marveling at their sheer size and significant payload. Designed to fold their wings for carrier storage, these bombers could wreak havoc on enemy fortifications, capital ships, and armored divisions.

Today, the Vauban boasts the best crews in the Service Aeronautique. While only a fraction of the original recruits realize their dream positions, those who do so attribute their success to hard work, dedication, and a healthy dose of luck. This good fortune seems to extend to the Vauban class itself, with each vessel boasting tales of triumph against overwhelming odds— or so the publicists Claim.


  • 1x Vauban Sky Fortress
  • 2x Chasseur Levant Cruiser (may also be built as Furieux or Voliere Class ship)
  • 2x Dieppe Levant Cruiser (may also be built as Alma, Marseille or Gascony Class)
  • 2x Epaulard Artillery Submarine (may also be built as Sirene Class)
  • 6x Honneur Levant Destroyer
  • 2x SRS Tokens
  • 6x Frelon Tokens

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.


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