Vanari Auralan Wardens

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Auralan Wardens

Auralan Wardens are line troopers of the Lumineth Vanari. The Auralan Wardens fight in close formation, using long pikes to intercept enemy attacks. The Wardens channel their sunmetal weapons into the enemy's chest at the last moment; whoever they pierce dies in a moment. Standing shoulder to shoulder, Auralan Wardens brace their long spears on the ground to deflect the enemy's attack, presenting the enemy with a wall bristling with blades.

Auralan Wardens are the front line of any Lumineth Realm Lords force, forming a swift impenetrable wall of pikes perfect for repelling enemy attacks and dominating targets. They can be made even more deadly by casting spells, making them indispensable in almost any army. A squad of Wardens IS led by a High Warden, who is a caster wielding the power of magic when the squad he leads has at least five Wardens, and can then cast both enemy spell banners and the spell "Hysh's Might". .

The Auralan Wardens' pikes are sunmetal weapons. The tips of their spears are made of pure sunmetal, capable of burning a victim from the inside out.

The High Warden carries a moonfire amphora in one hand. As the enemy approaches, the Warden hurls the fragile amphora among his ranks, causing it to shatter and spill a flaming silvery liquid.

This kit makes 10 Auralan Wardens in a variety of custom poses. Their many weapons, shields, helmets and other accessories allow you to customize your pike blocks. This kit also includes the option to build an Auralan Warden as the High Warden.


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