Vampire Wight King

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Wight King

"Now consider the tomb of Halgorax, the eternal chief of the Fasting Veldt. Butcher of seven nations, Lord of hosts, Maker of ten thousand widows and orphans. Think of him and despair, mortals, for still he will not tire till his boot rests at your throat.” - Inscription above the entrance to the Hollow Barrows of Ghur

During their lifetime, the Wight Kings were conquerors, warlords and absolute monarchs whose dominions stretched across much of the realm. Little has changed since they gave up their hold on mortality. Clad in verdant armor and tattered finery, these skeletal rulers now rule the kingdoms of deathrattle—entire nations of the living dead. Death has not satiated their hunger for conquest and war, however, and so they march into battle at the head of vast armies of skeletons. Those living souls whose lands are invaded by a Deathrattle Legion are destined either to be subjugated and enslaved by their new revenant master, or dispassionately slaughtered and used to bolster the ranks of the Wight King's armies.

Though a Wight king's morale may be jaded in the centuries since his death, the tactical acumen that once fueled his conquests remains as keen as ever. Untroubled by concepts of doubt and exhaustion, the Deathrattle phalanxes respond instantly to their master's bidding, pursuing his will with an unrelenting and morbid determination. While some Wight Kings - particularly those who ruled hot-blooded nations at Aqshy and Ghur - relish the opportunity to cover their bones in fresh blood, many hold off until a final push is needed to turn an enemy's sway into a real one transform escape. Only then do they advance at the head of their House Guard or lead the charge of mounted Barrow Knights. Though their armor may be rusty and patinated, the Shyishan sorceries that cling to them allow the Wight Kings to withstand even the harshest blows. Their armories are stocked with ancient blades and lances bearing horrific, Vorpalian curses capable of tearing away a living soul or freezing a warrior's heart with the slightest scratch.

Whether they were once a cruel Shyishan despot or an enlightened Hyshian philosopher, all Wight Kings retain a sense of pride and individuality - now that life's pleasures are but a fading memory, that is all they have left. Such is her imperious will that binding her to service is difficult for anyone but Nagash and his Mortarchs, as many lesser vampires and death mages have learned at their expense. Wise Soulblight monarchs instead form alliances and binding pacts with the Wight Kings, offering them freedom of conquest and piles of corpses to bolster their hosts with. In return, the vampires gain the loyalty of uniquely effective champions and lieutenants on the battlefield. While some Wight Kings, most notoriously the Jade Skull Emperor who holds dominion over Shyish's Warmsoul Uplands, cling to their independence, most are willing to honor such terms. With the rise of the Ossiarch Bonereapers and the rapacious eyes these construct warriors cast on the Deathrattle Kingdoms, many Wight Kings have come to appreciate the value of powerful allies.

This set contains one Vampire Counts curse lord. This highly detailed plastic kit comes in six components and is supplied with a sculpted 20mm corner base. The miniature is unpainted and requires assembly. We recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


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