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Embark on a journey into the heart of exploration with the "Explorer's Society" faction, where innovation and discovery collide. Within the realms of this package, you'll find models that encapsulate the essence of adventure and scientific curiosity. Crafted under the keyword "Cadmus," these characters symbolize the collective pursuit of knowledge and the uncharted horizons that beckon.

Contained within this offering are:

  • Dr. Meredith Stanley: A luminary whose mind is a wellspring of brilliance and innovation. With every detail meticulously captured, she stands as a testament to the spirit of exploration and discovery that defines the Explorer's Society. Her presence embodies the very essence of the Cadmus keyword, breathing life into the pursuit of knowledge.

  • Nightsilk Creeper: An enigmatic entity that mirrors the allure of unexplored territories. Within its form, the very fabric of exploration intertwines, reflecting the spirit of Cadmus. This creature becomes a companion on the journey into the unknown, guiding the crew through uncharted realms.

  • Berserker Husks x3: A trio of forces that echo the resilience and determination of explorers braving the frontier. These husks represent the spirit of Cadmus, embodying the ethos of the Explorer's Society. As you prepare and assemble each one, you contribute to the legacy of courage and discovery that defines their narrative.

With the Cadmus keyword, this assembly becomes a narrative tapestry woven from the threads of exploration and ambition. As you delve into the realms of the Explorer's Society, you embody the very essence of the keyword, embarking on a journey that uncovers uncharted territories and pushes the boundaries of knowledge.

Step into the universe of Malifaux with models that epitomize the spirit of exploration, innovation, and discovery. Embrace the Cadmus keyword, and let the legacy of the Explorer's Society guide your path on the tabletop, where every move and action is a step toward unraveling the mysteries that lie in wait.


  • Dr. Meredith Stanley
  • Nightsilk Creeper
  • Beserker Husks x3


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