Unconventional Tactics

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Beneath the facade of vigilant protectors that the Guild of Mercantilers presents to the citizens of Malifaux lies a truth shrouded in shadows and intrigue. While they parade as the guardians against both criminal elements and the monstrous terrors that haunt the realm, their motivations are far more cunning and clandestine than they appear. The illusion of benevolence is a mask carefully constructed to veil their true ambitions.

Unbeknownst to the masses, the Guild's supposed dedication to safeguarding the people is but a secondary concern, a mere afterthought in the grand design. Their true pursuit lies within the gleaming depths of Soulstones, those precious gems that hold unfathomable power. Every shipment sent back to Earth serves as another rung on the ladder of dominance, further solidifying their stranglehold over the world's most influential nations.

Among the shadows and cacophony of Malifaux's turmoil, one man stands as both a symbol of defiance and a master of silence. Harold Tull, the Artillerist who once deafened himself with the thunderous symphony of his cannons, learned to wield silence as a weapon. His Company, like a symphony of shadows, converses in an intricate sign language born from necessity, allowing them to remain coordinated without a single uttered word. While Tull's artillery once roared, his strategies now unfold in whispers and gestures, turning the absence of sound into an advantage.

Harold Tull, Dead Silent, is a stark departure from the bombastic playstyle he once embodied. He eschews the open battlefield in favor of plunging into the heart of enemy lines, a ghost-like presence that disrupts their movements and strategies. His mastery of subtlety is encapsulated in his ability "Out of Sight," allowing him to gracefully slip away from danger when a friendly Scheme Marker offers refuge, leaving his foes in perplexed uncertainty.

In perfect harmony with the Cavaliers, Tull's chosen comrades, he employs his silence to a strategic advantage. Dropping Smoke Bombs, he becomes an unseen ally, tending to his companions' wounds and granting them an escape route from the clutches of enemy engagement. With every enigmatic step, Tull weaves his path amidst the chaos, a conductor orchestrating a symphony of shadows that dance to his silent commands.


  • The Clampetts, Bally-Hoo Bucket
  • Judd & Honey
  • Harold Tull, Dead Silent


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