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Ulaya Chronicles: Raptor Claw Island is a campaign-based tabletop wargame set in the world of The Drowned Earth.

Whether it's coop or solo (1-4 players), you'll be drawn into a 10-part story pitting you against Al-controlled dinosaurs and pirates to uncover the mysteries of a mysterious island steeped in ancient technology!

  • Level up and customize your characters.
  • Find new and exciting gear.
  • Victories, defeats and your story choices determine your own story.
  • Replay the campaign (or individual scenarios) with higher difficulty and different choices.
  • Including a map, terrain tiles and measuring rods: everything you need to play is in the box.

Standees OR miniatures

Each standee in the game can be replaced with a high quality metal miniature (to be released later in 2022) and these miniatures can also be used in our main title: The Drowned Earth Miniatures Game.

UC as an intro to The Drowned Earth:

  • Ulaya Chronicles: Raptor Claw Island is based on a simplified version of The Drowned Earth rules. So it's a great gateway product.
  • Everything you need to play your first little game of The Drowned Earth is included in Ulaya Chronicles: just download the rules PDF and you're good to go!

AI controlled enemies in The Drowned Earth

  • Additionally, the map-driven dinosaur (and pirate!) AI rules can be imported directly into The Drowned Earth, meaning you can play a competitive game of neutral, aggressive, AI-controlled wild animals on the Battlefield!


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