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The USS Essex was a 36-gun frigate that took part in the Quasi-War with France, the First Barbarian War and the War of 1812. She was very successful in disrupting British whaling in the Pacific before being captured and returned to the Royal Navy in 1814 as HMS Essex.

Launched September 30, 1799, she was armed with short-range carronades that could not hope to match the range of 18- or 24-pounder naval guns. The US Navy accepted her anyway, and under the captaincy of Edward Preble, who had the honor of being the first US Navy ship to cross the equator in the early 19th century.

In the first Barbarian War, duties shifted to the Mediterranean, with blockade and convoy escort duties in Gibraltar, as well as taking part in the Battle of Deme (27 April 1805).

After the declaration of war in 1812, the USS Essex, under the command of Captain David Porter, achieved great success in disrupting British whaling activities in the Pacific. Starting in February 1813, Porter successfully captured 12 British whalers and 360 prisoners over the course of a year while sailing around Cape Horn and cruising the Pacific.

However, on 28 March 1814 at the Battle of Valparaiso, Porter was forced to surrender to the frigate HMS Phoebe and the sloop HMS Cherub when Essex became too disabled to resist. Of the 12 ships Porter captured, only one returned to the United States; seven returned to British control, three were sunk and the Chilean.

As HMS Essex she was reclassified as a 42-gun ship and served as a troop transport in 1819 and as a hulk in 1823, first serving as a prison ship in Cork and then in Kingstown from 1824 to 1834.

When deployed as part of a US Navy fleet in the Black Sea, the special rules pay tribute to his successful run capturing whaling ships. When you board the USS Essex, you benefit from a +2 modifier.

Includes 1 resin and metal vessel.

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