USMC Weapons Teams

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Infantry weapon teams are an important part of any Bolt Action army, as they provide your squad with great tactical flexibility. Sniper teams, anti-tank teams, and flamethrower teams are among the most widely used weapon types and present numerous challenges to the enemy.

The American bazooka was first used in North Africa and on Tarawa in November 1942. The first version (M1A1) had two handles and a wooden prop. In 1943, the new version was launched, which no longer had a front handle, but had an improved electric firing system. The final version was longer (1.55 m) and improved the range from 200-250 m to 300 m. The M6 HEAT missile could easily penetrate 76 mm of armor at 30 degrees or 110 mm at 90 degrees.

The tasks of reconnaissance and sniping were similar in the American doctrines. The U.S. manual clearly stated that a sniper's mission was to kill enemy officers in order to damage the morale of enemy troops. The snipers were equipped with a telescopic sight on a bolt-action Springfield M1903 rifle and also had close-range weapons such as pistols and shotguns with which to defend themselves if they were detected. Both members of the team were trained as snipers, so the role of observer was interchangeable.

Flamethrowers were used throughout the war, especially in the Pacific, to clear tunnels and bunkers. And to open gaps in fortified lines.

Box contains:

  • Six Warlord Resin™ figures
  • Plastic bases
  • Three command dice

These figures are cast from the new and improved Warlord Resin Plus™.

  • Historical Factions: USA
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