US Army Winter Support Group (HQ, Mortar & MMG)

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Despite being surprised and ill-equipped by Hitler's final venture in the west - the Ardennes offensive - the embattled US troops were victorious while beating back the two enemies of the German offensive and the harsh winter conditions.

Dressed in overcoats, Mackinaw jackets, and everything else to keep the bitter cold at bay, US Army soldiers fought in the cold against their Italian and German opponents, and mostly won.

US Army officers - bearing in mind that enemy snipers would spot them - were dressed and armed similarly to the other ranks.

The reliable .30 caliber medium machine gun gave GI squads devastating firepower and was also backed up by precise suppressive fire from 81mm medium mortars.

This box set contains the following:

  • 3 officers with carbine/rifle
  • 1 medic
  • 1 radio operator/spotter
  • 1 medium mortar team
  • 1 MMG team


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