US Army Weapons Teams (Winter)

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In the grand tapestry of war, infantry weapons teams occupy a pivotal role. Their versatility, adaptability, and unwavering dedication create an intricate web of challenges for adversaries to untangle. Whether through the formidable might of the Bazooka, the lethal precision of snipers, or the scorching flames of the flamethrower, these teams redefine the boundaries of possibility on the battlefield, forever etching their names in the annals of military history.

In the American military doctrine, the tasks of scouting and sniping were deemed remarkably similar. Echoing this sentiment, the US manual explicitly outlined the mission of a sniper: to eliminate enemy officers and sow seeds of doubt within the enemy ranks. These skilled marksmen wielded telescopic sights atop their M1903 bolt-action Springfield rifles, empowering them with long-range precision. Complementing their lethal accuracy, snipers were equipped with close-combat weapons, such as pistols and shotguns, to defend themselves if perilously discovered. Notably, both members of the sniper team possessed comprehensive training, seamlessly switching roles between sniper and spotter as the situation dictated.

The haunting echoes of flamethrowers reverberated throughout the war, leaving an indelible mark, particularly in the Pacific theater. These incendiary devices emerged as invaluable tools for flushing out entrenched enemies from tunnels and bunkers. During the monumental Normandy landings, the number of flamethrowers surged, granting soldiers the means to carve open fissures in heavily fortified lines. The searing infernos unleashed by these courageous warriors forged paths to victory, clearing the way for the triumph of allied forces.


  • 2-man Bazooka team
  • 2-man Sniper team
  • 2-man Flamethrower team

These figures are cast in our new and improved Warlord Resin Plus™

  • Historical Factions: USA
  • Language: English
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