UCM Corvettes - Santiago Class

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The Santiago class corvette emerges as a nimble and lethal force within the realms of atmospheric combat. Crafted for speed and agility, these sub-frigate tonnage vessels are tailored for a singular mission: the relentless pursuit and elimination of enemy atmospheric fleet assets. Armed with a formidable arsenal of air-to-air missiles, Santiagos pose a significant threat to frigate-sized adversaries, particularly strike carriers, which rank among their favored prey.

In the hands of the most audacious captains fresh from Niccolum's Naval Academy, Santiagos become instruments of devastation on the battlefield. Atmospheric combat demands unwavering courage and precision, as these vessels engage their targets at close range, exposing themselves to the dangers of return fire. Despite the inherent risks, these daring operations serve as a crucible for aspiring captains, where only the most skilled and determined emerge unscathed.


  • 6 single piece resin miniatures/blister

Length: 49mm

Provided with 6 multi-part Dropfleet flight stands, designed to track in-game status without the use of tokens.

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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