Tzeentch Flamers

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Fire Demons of Tzeentch

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble 3 Flamers of Tzeentch, multi-headed spellcasters with warpfire erupting from their fearsome serrated arms. A model can be assembled as a Pyrocaster that appears to be more fire than flesh.

This kit comes as 36 components, and is supplied with 3 Citadel 32mm Round bases.

A Flamer, also known as "Pyrodaemons of Tzeentch", "Keepers of the True Flame of Change", "Bearers of the True Flame of Change" or "Candelabra Mutationi" are minor demons of Tzeentch. Flamers are among the strangest and most disturbing of all demons of Tzeentch, and their absurd physiologies are more than most mortals can stomach. A flamer's body is a cone-shaped torso without a head. It has two long arms, both ending in fingerless stumps adorned with razor-sharp teeth and flaring tongues, constantly emitting acrid and sulphurous smoke. Despite their unnatural, clumsy appearance, flamers are agile creatures. They don't have feet, but instead move by kicking and hopping about, leaping high in the air in disturbing and gravity-defying ways.

This unusual mode of locomotion allows flamers to jump over low obstacles or even hop across bodies of water with little effort. They may even seem amusing to the unwitting observer, but the laughter soon turns to panic as the flamers suddenly approach with unexpected speed, and the multicolored warpflames, constantly trickling from their outstretched stumps, spring to life like living blowtorches as the demons attack . Flamethrowers don't spit out normal fire, but instead emit the raw stuff of magic and alternation. This is not something the fire mortals have experienced on their own worlds where the laws of nature apply. The effects of the Fires of Shift are as unpredictable as they are devastating, inflicting countless mutations on their victims at a moment's notice.

The magical energies could transform flesh into ice or metal into wood, only to turn back into crumbling stone, burning ash, or molten wax a moment later. As the warp flame crackles and sizzles, smaller magical fires spill onto the ground and take on a mimic form. This spooky puppet mockingly and disturbingly embodies everything that happens nearby. The flamers usually ignore these little parodies of reality, but are occasionally irritated by the howling and destroy the simulacrum before looking for fresh Prey.


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