Tyrant Guard

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The Tyranid Guardian (Tyranicus scutatus) is a Tyranid bioform whose primary purpose is to serve as a living shield to other, more important Tyranid organisms, most notably the Swarm Tyrant. These creatures have incredible resilience to injury and are only dimly aware of pain while shaking off wounds that would tear a human to pieces. They are virtually impervious to small arms fire, and should heavy weapons be used, it will take multiple salvos to take down even one of these beasts.

Blind and ultimately controlled by the Tyranid synapse creatures who protect them, these semi-sentient but ferocious bioforms appear to have been specially bioengineered to counter the Tyranid's tactical doctrines. It is also believed that Space Marine DNA was incorporated into the creation of the first Tyrant Guards by the Hive Fleet Norn-Queens, explaining this bioform's extreme resilience in combat. This would also suggest that the Tyrant Guard possess some of the genetic material of the Emperor of Mankind.

Should their charge be slain, the Tyrant Guard will go berserk, striking at the enemy with brutal ferocity and ferocious abandon. The rampage of a tyrannical guard is not guided by sadness or a sense of neglected duty, for such things are alien to the tyranids. Rather, the reaction of a Tyrant Guard is pure instinct and part of the Hive Mind's coldly calculated strategy. Hive Tyrants are vital to the Tyranid assault, and when the enemy finds a way to bring down such a beast, the Hive Mind doesn't want to know how the feat was accomplished, surviving the battle and remembering a future one to be passed on to the enemy.

This plastic kit contains 102 components with which to make either 3 Hive Guard or 3 Tyrant Guard.


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