Tyraniden Toxicrene

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The Toxicrene is physically imposing and accompanies tyranid broods into battle and uses its tentacles to strike for those who venture too close. His most feared weapon, however, is the suffocating spore clouds that shoot out of his dorsal chimneys. Each cloud consists of millions of tiny spore organisms that possess a predatory sensation and intentionally force themselves into the respiratory systems of non-tyranid organisms. There they nest and nest, feed on the moisture of their host, and grow at an astonishing rate, causing organs to burst, airways to close, and lungs to fill with blood.

The toxic emission of Toxicrene is so effective that even those wearing protective gear or wearing power gear are not safe. Millions of spores seep into breathing tubes and clog gas mask filters, feed on the moisture of their host and grow at high speed. Toxicrenes are usually sent out by a swarm fleet after the initial swarms of Gaunts and other simple warrior forms have forced the prey world to consume most of their firepower. Accompanied by broods of Venomthropes, they begin the process of sowing the planet’s atmosphere with spore clouds and changing its environment and ecosystems to ensure efficient biomass degradation.

This 55-piece plastic kit can be used to build a Toxicrene with the characteristic back vents and twelve long tentacles. The miniature is enthroned on its final victim, a Space Marines Terminator.

Alternatively, a maleceptor can be built from this kit.


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