Tyranid Tyrannofex

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This multi-part plastic kit contains 76 components and a large oval base with which to make either a Tyranid Tyrannofex or a Tervigon.

It is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


A Tyrannofex is a monstrous battle fortress type of the Tyranids. Its volume, armor and armament rivals or even surpasses its opponent's most powerful main battle tanks, built from more conventional technology.

A Tyrannofex has a massive cannon fused to its torso, the Tyranids' largest and most destructive weapon, wielded by something smaller than a Bio-Titan. Main gun type varies between Tyrannofexes. There are three known variants

  • Acid Spray – Can store and spray corrosive digestive fluid to easily decompose organic matter and even body armor.
  • Fleshborer Hive – A seething colony of vicious Fleshborer bugs that hatch thousands of rapidly maturing eggs that must be periodically expelled to prevent the Tyrannofex from bursting from the inside.
  • Rupture Cannon – Fires two cannonballs in quick succession. The first is a bloated tick that bursts on impact, showering the target with oil. The second is a hard, practically impenetrable seed pod. The liquid from the first hit dissolves the shell of the second in a split second, causing a massive implosion of the target powerful enough to force armored vehicles inside out.

In addition to its main cannon, a Tyrannofex also has anti-infantry weapons embedded in its armor and breeding chambers in its chest.

However, a Tyrannofex is a bulky and unwieldy target in close combat when its enemies brave its formidable short-range weapons. In response, the Hive Mind endowed Tyrannofexes with the ability to emit a stress pheromone to lure other Tyranid creatures at close range for assistance.

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Die Ware kam wie bis jetzt alles was ich von KuTaMi.de bestellt habe, in einwandfreiem Zustand^^

Das Modell selbst ist ein richtiger Blickfang und eine Freude zum zusammenbauen^^

Josip B., 12.07.2012 Verified purchase
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