Tyranid Tervigon

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The Tervigon is a giant tyranid that serves as a living incubator capable of spawning termagants.

A massive synapse creature, Tervigons can carry dozens of termagants in a dormant sleep held beneath their ragged armor. When traveling through space, Tervigons do not go dormant like other Tyranid creatures, instead roaming the bio-ships and acting as sentinels who can yield to termagants to stop invaders while using their strong synaptic connection to awaken other Tyranid creatures . Inevitably, when a Tervigon is killed, its nearby young are also killed in an unleashed symbiotic backlash

Tervigons typically stay behind the main Tyranid swarm, bolstering its numbers by continually spawning dormant broods at will. However, there are times when the Hive Mind decides to unleash the creatures at full power. In these cases, their colossal forelegs are capable of piercing through heavy infantry and light vehicles, while some sport massive claws capable of penetrating armor and reinforced armor. Tervigons have even been known to carve large breaches in fortress walls and push their birth sacs into the gap, unleashing dozens of smaller organisms directly into enemy ranks.


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