Tyranid Hive Tyrant / Swarmlord

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This multi-part plastic set contains 59 components and is supplied with a Citadel 60mm Round base with which to build either a Tyranid Hive Tyrant or a Swarmlord.


The Swarmlord is a legendary Tyranid creature created by the Hive Mind with the purpose of rethinking the enemy and creating new strategies when standard Tyranid strategies of physical and biological adaptation fail. It destroyed empires and wiped out civilizations, and now it is the galaxy's greatest tyranid threat. It is known in the Empire as the Swarmlord, but it has been known by many other names including Tyrantlord of the Hive Mind, Herald of the Great Devourer, and Destroyer of the Kha'la Empire.

It is the culmination of the evolution of the Swarm Tyrant bioform, a truly unique monster. The Swarmlord is essentially immortal, like a Swarm Tyrant, in that once killed, he is reborn by the Swarm Spirit with exactly the same experiences, character, and knowledge, essentially becoming stronger than his predecessor each time due to his new experience . But unlike a Hive Tyrant, the Swarmlord's reincarnation appears to be a stress-induced response, triggered only when conventional Hive Mind strategies fail and more ingenuity and tactics are required. To this end, the Swarmlord possesses more autonomy from the Hivemind than any other Tyranid creature, and his bond with the Hivemind is so strong that he can appear in any Hivefleet, transcending all physical boundaries between the various fleets. The swarmlord has eons of battle experience and bloodshed to draw on. In fact, it's as old as the Tyranid race itself.

For weapons, the Swarmlord wields four bone sabers that crackle with destructive power, capable of slicing through adamantium and force fields as if they were nothing. Distinguished from the commonly encountered bone swords of the Tyranids, each saber features a crystalline growth at its core not native to the galaxy, which partially protrudes through the serrated surface of the blade. The Swarmlord can parry so quickly with these sabers that his foes find it almost impossible to deal a hit with the creature.

Hive Tyrant

Hive Tyrants are monstrous Tyranid creatures created to be commanders of the Tyranid swarm. They fully embody the Hive Mind and act as the primary synapse conduit through which it imposes its will on lesser Tyranid creatures. Hive Tyrants are extremely powerful, large, and strong monsters that are three times the size of a human and can tear through plasteel or ferrocrete as if they were glass. They excel at both close and ranged combat, and in fact every part of their body is perfectly designed to maim and kill. They are highly versatile, with individual Hive Tyrants exhibiting a variety of physical traits, biomorphs, and bioweapons.

Unlike most other Tyranid creatures, Swarm Tyrants are utterly confident, incredibly intelligent, and able to learn from their mistakes. Some possess an instinctive cunning that borders on tactical genius. Though ultimately still enslaved to the hivemind, their relationship with it is closer than that of any other Tyranid creature. This makes them frighteningly psychic and capable of manifesting deadly psychic powers in battle, including the ability to empower the Tyranid swarm, crush enemy morale, or shred the enemy's mind. Hive Tyrants come equipped with a number of Biomorphs, but the most common are the Bonesword, the Whip, the Heavy Venom Cannon, and the Stranglethorn Cannon.

Hive Tyrants are essentially immortal, as their experiences, character, and knowledge are stored in the collective consciousness of the Hive Mind. Should one be killed in battle, a replacement body can be grown and imbued with the same experiences as its predecessor.

Hive Tyrants appear to be either a more complex and sophisticated form of Tyranid Warrior, or they evolved from an entirely different and sophisticated species. Some Imperial Technomage believe that Hive Tyrants are the Norn-Queen's Consort-Minds that form the repository of the Hive Fleet's own collective consciousness, which would mean that they fully embody the Hive Mind, but their destruction would in no way do so diminish way

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Sehr gutes Modell!
4 from 5

Gestern habe ich ihn als fliegenden Tyrant zusammengebaut.

Sehr positiv ist, dass das Modell detailreich ist (ungefähr gleiches Niveau wie die ältere Finecast Variante, soweit ich das anhand von Bildern sagen kann) und insbesondere mit den Flügeln sehr beeindruckend wirkt. Die Flügel lassen das Modell um einiges größer erscheinen, als es eigentlich ist.

Der Zusammenbau wahr weitaus bequemer als bei vioelen anderen plastikbausätzen die ich bisher von Games Workshop gebastelt habe. Die Anleitung zeigt Schritt für Schritt wie jede der drei Varianten (normaler Tyrant, geflügelter Tyrant und Schwarmherrscher) zusammengebaut wird. Dabei ist jedes Teil nummeriert und diese Nummern findet man im Gußrahmen direkt wieder. Vorbildlich. Die Passgenauigkeit ist okay, das meiste lässt sich sicher sehr gut mit Liquid Green Stuff beheben.
Es bleiben auch einige Teile im Gußrahmen übrig, was sicher für Umbau-Fans interessant ist.

Trotz der sehr ausladenden Flügel und der eher kleinen Klebefläche mit der man das Modell auf die Base klebt ist das Modell aber sehr gut ausbalanciert, kippelt in keinster Weise und steht fest auf dem Base.

Einziger negativer Punkt (daher nur 4 Sterne von mir): es sind nicht alle Waffenoptionen des Tyrant enthalten (z.B. kein synchronisierter Neuralfresser) und die Flügel belegen zwei Armslots an denen man Waffen anbringen könnte. Dadurch hat man beim geflügelten Tyrant leider nicht so viele Waffenkonfigurationen, da Sensenklingen schon fest an den Beinen angebracht sind und man dann nur noch eine weitere Waffenoption an den verbliebenden beiden Armslots anbringen kann.

Insgesamt aber ein sehr beeindruckendes Modell welches Gegner sicherlich schon durch seine größe durch die Flügel einschüchtern sollte :).

Jens B., 19.03.2012
Top Service
5 from 5

Abends bestellt, einen Tag später versandt, den Tag drauf war es bei mir. Super schnell und unkompliziert. 👍🏻

Steve S., 18.04.2019
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