Tyranid Combat Patrol

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Tyranid Combat Patrol

The Tyranids are likened to a galactic swarm that devours everything in its path, feeding on entire worlds and leaving only dead shells in its wake. Such is their threat that an unprotected planet can be infested and stripped of all its organic matter within solar weeks without even slowing the Hive Fleet's advance.

All Tyranid organisms are "synaptic" (psychically reactive), and each Tyranid creature within a hive fleet shares and contributes to a common hive mind that allows the trillions of beings that make up the Tyranid hive fleets to instantaneously to an amazing extent communicate and organize.

The mentality of the Tyranid approach to warfare can be summed up as "quantity has a quality all its own". From the "lowly" Ripper to the deadly Hive Tyrant and beyond, the signature of the Tyranid species is that they overwhelm their enemies with sheer numbers, reproducing in record time vast numbers of highly virulent organisms from the biochemical soup from which the biospheres of the worlds originated that they consume.

The components of a Tyranid hive fleet travel almost exclusively in large groups known as "swarms," ??which have specialized biomechanical creatures capable of destroying and consuming a variety of pouch lifeforms.

Contents of the set:

  • 1x Swarm Tyrant / can be used as Winged Swarm Tyrant or Swarm Lord
  • 3x Tyranid Warriors or Alpha Warriors and 2x Tyranid Warriors
  • 36x Termagants
  • 3x absorber swarms

All models come with the appropriate base.

These miniatures come unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


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