Two-Face & Riddler (Batman Forever)

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In the shadowy underworld of Gotham City, two of Batman's most iconic adversaries, the Riddler and Two-Face, find themselves bound together by a common enemy: the Caped Crusader himself. Fueled by their shared desire to thwart Batman and bring his crusade to a screeching halt, these two villains form an unlikely alliance with a singular goal in mind – to outsmart and finally defeat the Dark Knight.

The Riddler, Edward Nygma, is a criminal mastermind known for his obsessive love of puzzles and riddles. His cunning intellect and penchant for leaving enigmatic clues challenge Batman at every turn. With a mind as sharp as any blade, the Riddler is determined to prove his intellectual superiority over the vigilante detective.

On the other side of the coin is Two-Face, the scarred and twisted former District Attorney, Harvey Dent. His duality, represented by the flip of a coin, drives his decisions and actions. Two-Face's unpredictability and obsession with the concept of chance make him a dangerous and erratic adversary. In his mind, justice is no longer black and white; it's left to the cruel whim of his coin.

United by their shared vendetta against Batman, the Riddler and Two-Face pool their resources, intelligence, and criminal enterprises to create a formidable alliance. Their combined efforts lead to a series of meticulously planned schemes and traps designed to outwit the Dark Knight at every turn. Riddles and chaos intertwine as they challenge Batman's wits and test his resolve like never before.

As the Riddler's intricate puzzles and Two-Face's capricious decisions ensnare Gotham in a web of confusion and danger, the city's protector faces one of his greatest challenges. Batman must navigate this treacherous partnership and confront the deadly alliance of the Riddler and Two-Face to unravel their plans and bring them to justice.

In the dark and twisted world of Gotham City, where morality and logic hang in the balance, Batman's battle against this dynamic duo will test his skills, his resolve, and his unshakable commitment to upholding justice in a city teetering on the brink of chaos.


  • 2 detailed thermoplastic miniatures ready to assemble and paint.
  • 2 plastic Bases of 30 mm.


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