Twisted: To Grandmother's House We Go

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Venture into the realm of "Twisted Alternatives" where familiar tales take on a new twist. "To Grandmother's House We Go" beckons with its intriguing contents, each character embodying a reimagination of classic figures in the world of Malifaux.

Meet "Little Red," a striking reinterpretation who now stands as a cunning counterpart to Ferdinand Vogel. Her presence invokes a sense of curiosity and trepidation, much like the original Little Red Riding Hood, as she navigates the world with a newfound edge. In this incarnation, her abilities and strategies intertwine, creating a dance of tactics that leaves opponents guessing.

On the other side stands "Big Bad," who steps into the role of The Beast Within. A transformation of the iconic antagonist, this character holds an enigmatic allure—a blend of ferocity and vulnerability. Within the twisted narrative, Big Bad harnesses powers that mirror his origins, yet he is not to be underestimated. His abilities strike with a primal force that reshapes the battlefield.

In "Twisted Alternatives," the stories you once knew become a playground for reimagination. "To Grandmother's House We Go" opens the door to a world where classic characters evolve and change, their abilities and roles reshaped to create new dynamics on the tabletop. As you traverse these alternate tales, you are invited to explore a realm where imagination meets strategy, and where every move reshapes the narrative into something uniquely your own.


  • Little Red, Counts as Ferdinand Vogel
  • Big Bad, Counts as The Beast Within


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