Twisted: Don't Worry, Be Zappy

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Welcome to the riveting world of "Twisted Alternatives," where tales take on unexpected turns and characters are reimagined in captivating ways. "Don't Worry, Be Zappy" invites you into a realm where Dr. Lovebomb steps into the role of Captain Zipp, infusing the narrative with a fresh energy and unique dynamics.

Dr. Lovebomb, in this electrifying reinterpretation, embodies the spirit of Captain Zipp with a twist. As the charismatic and enigmatic figure, he harnesses the power of innovation and creativity, much like the original Captain Zipp. However, in this iteration, he adds his own flair, bringing a dose of love and charm to his formidable abilities.

As you embark on this journey through "Twisted Alternatives," you'll witness the fusion of Dr. Lovebomb's charisma with Captain Zipp's cunning. The synergy between these qualities creates a masterful tactician who leads his crew with a combination of electrifying charisma and calculated strategies. In this altered narrative, each move is a calculated step toward victory, and every ability resonates with the unique charm that only Dr. Lovebomb can bring.

"Don't Worry, Be Zappy" offers a fresh perspective on the world of Malifaux, where characters transcend their original roles and become something entirely new. As you delve into this unique take on Captain Zipp's story, you're invited to embrace the unexpected and explore a realm where innovation, charisma, and strategy converge.


  • Dr. Lovebomb, Counts as Captain Zipp


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