Turning Tides

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Embark on a thrilling expedition into the uncharted realms of the "Explorer's Society," where every step uncovers new horizons and the allure of discovery is irresistible. This assembly introduces models that embody the adventurous spirit and curiosity that define the faction. Under the keyword "EVS" (Explorer's Society Versatile), these characters represent the multifaceted nature of exploration and innovation.

Contained within this offering are:

  • Harata Ngaatoro: An embodiment of the "EVS" keyword, Harata Ngaatoro captures the essence of versatility and the multifaceted roles that define the Explorer's Society. With every detail carefully crafted, Harata Ngaatoro stands as a symbol of adaptability and innovation, embodying the ethos of the crew.

  • Harpooners x2: A pair of entities that mirror the spirit of exploration within the "EVS" keyword, the Harpooners become embodiments of the crew's unrelenting pursuit of new horizons. As you assemble each model, you contribute to the legacy of discovery and the quest for uncharted territories that shape the narrative of the faction.

  • Tidecaller: Guiding the crew with an air of authority and wisdom, the Tidecaller embodies the multifaceted nature of the "EVS" keyword. With a blend of leadership and curiosity, the Tidecaller navigates the crew through the tides of exploration, reflecting the versatile roles that define the faction.

In embracing the "EVS" keyword, this assembly becomes a testament to the array of skills and roles that contribute to the crew's exploratory pursuits. As you prepare and assemble each model, you contribute to the legacy of curiosity that defines the Explorer's Society.


  • Harata Ngaatoro
  • Harpooners x2
  • Tidecaller


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