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At the helm of the Cavalier Keyword strides Harold Tull, a leader who carves his path with a flippant grin and a symphony of explosions. A veteran shaped by the crucible of conflict between the King's Empire and the Gibbering Hordes, Tull's approach is as audacious as it is effective. His tactical prowess, honed in the fires of war, translates to a battlefield strategy that thrives on the chaos of long-range bombardments and gleefully disregards the chain of command.

Tull's philosophy finds its expression in the signature ability that defines his presence—Rain Hellfire. This ability transforms the battleground into a canvas for destruction, littered with Assault Markers that multiply as the game progresses. With every passing moment, the board becomes a tapestry of danger, each marker a testament to Tull's mastery of controlled mayhem.

His approach to warfare mirrors his irreverent attitude. The Artillery Strike Action becomes his brushstroke, painting the battlefield with the aftermath of his explosive forays. Assault Markers proliferate, enveloping the terrain in a storm of calculated chaos. It's a calculated risk, a dance of destruction that rewards the bold while punishing the hesitant.

But Tull's leadership isn't solely about devastation; it's also about empowerment. His reign of explosions extends a lifeline to his allies, invigorating their potential. Amidst the Heat of Battle, he grants them the means to seize additional Actions, transforming the battlefield into a canvas of limitless opportunity.

Harkening back to his artillery roots, Tull's tactics control vast territories, dictating the ebb and flow of engagement. Enemies who linger find themselves ensnared in a web of danger, each marker a countdown to their reckoning. And as the battlefield ignites with explosive fervor, Tull's allies revel in the chaos, reaping the benefits of his calculated gambits.

Harold Tull, the embodiment of audacity and calculated destruction, propels the Cavalier Keyword forward with a grin and a flourish of explosives. His legacy is a tapestry of controlled chaos, a symphony of calculated mayhem that rewards the daring and punishes the hesitant. In a world where the rulebook is rewritten with each explosion, Tull's leadership is a declaration that, sometimes, the most effective strategy is the one that defies convention.


  • Harold Tull, Artillerist
  • King's Wall
  • Walking Cannons x2
  • Sappers x3


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