Trugg the Troggoth King

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Trugg the Troggoth King is a legendary figure, an ancient and surly Troggoth burdened with a magical migraine that came to be after an entire city crumbled upon him during his slumber. This catastrophic event resulted in an arcane altar becoming embedded in his back, marking him with both a curse and a source of immense power. Recognized as the King of the Troggoths by Braggit da Rabble-Rowza, Trugg is a force of nature within the Mortal Realms. He rampages across the lands, driven by the ceaseless headache that hammers at his simple Troggoth mind. As he desperately tries to swat and claw away the altar on his back, his actions inadvertently unleash powerful torrents of magical energy. This energy not only fuels his anger but also empowers him with the diverse magics of the Realms. His existence is a blend of raw strength and uncontrollable arcane power, making him a unique and formidable presence wherever he treads.


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