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Veiled in secrecy and shrouded by the cloak of the Miners and Steamfitters Union lies a faction that dares to challenge the norms of Malifaux's intricate tapestry. They are the Arcanists, a clandestine brotherhood united by a belief that the boundless potential of magic should be unshackled, and the human spirit should be free to bask in its transformative radiance. Yet, to those on the fringes of their enigmatic domain, the Arcanists are naught but shadowy figures who dance upon the edge of anarchy and criminality.

To the uninitiated, they are nothing more than dissenters, rebellious souls who dare to question the established order. But peel back the layers, and a vivid mosaic of ambition and brilliance emerges. The Arcanists stand as a diverse assembly, a convergence of ordinary laborers and spellweavers who have transcended their station to embrace a shared vision. Theirs is a vision of boundless possibility, where magic isn't wielded by the privileged elite but by those who toil in the factories, the foundries, and the heart of industry.

This clandestine brotherhood stands in stark contrast to the norms upheld by society's watchful eye. The tendrils of their influence, like silken threads of intrigue, reach into the underbelly of the realm, whispering secrets and weaving patterns of change. Their actions brand them as rebels, insurgents who tread the line between defiance and enlightenment.

But within their hidden chambers, an aura of inspiration envelopes them. They are artisans of magic, wielding their power to reshape the world with awe-inspiring feats. To the Arcanists, the fabric of reality is not fixed; it's a tapestry they manipulate with the brushstrokes of their will. Their convictions are both their guide and their strength, and they dare to imagine a world unshackled from the chains of convention.


  • Fitzsimmons
  • The Captain
  • Gunsmiths x2


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