Triple Hex bases 32mm - Type 2

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Welcome to the world of high quality hexagonal MDF bases - the Triple Hexagonal 32mm bases, suitable for various miniature scales and game systems, including the renowned Battle Tech robots. These bases offer unique aesthetics and allow for flexible positioning and formation options, making them an ideal choice for diverse wargames.

In BattleTech, where maneuvering and positioning of units, especially the colossal BattleMechs, is crucial, these multi-hex plates shine as practical and visually appealing tools for movement, combat, and terrain representation.

The hexagonal grid system in BattleTech is not just a design decision; it has become an iconic and integral part of the game's mechanics and identity. This system provides more precise and consistent movement measurements compared to other grid shapes such as squares or triangles. It helps determine range between units and calculate arcs of fire, simplifies decisions about which units can engage in combat, and provides clear guidelines for line of sight rules.

Gamers and hobbyists alike appreciate using products like the Triple Hex Base 32mm as a base for their 3D printed figures or to create custom and special sets for their games. The new design with pre-drilled holes eliminates the hassle of drilling, and these holes are specifically designed for use with 5x2mm neodymium magnets to make magnetizing your miniatures easier.

  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Bases: 10 pieces per package

Magnets not included in the delivery.


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