Trench Korps Guard Heads

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The Trench Korps hail from a world shrouded in the toxic aftermath of radioactive devastation—a desolate wasteland where survival is a constant struggle against the lingering hazards of nuclear contamination. Born and raised amidst the poisoned landscapes of their homeworld, these Guardsmen have grown accustomed to the harsh realities of their environment, forging an unbreakable bond with their tainted surroundings.

Despite the ever-present threat of death and decay, the soldiers of the Trench Korps harbor no fear of sacrificing their lives in service to the Emperor. Indeed, they embrace their role as guardians of the Imperium with unwavering determination, ready to lay down their lives without hesitation for the glory of mankind.

To mitigate the risk of premature demise from the toxic fumes that permeate their world, the Trench Korps don infamous gas masks—a grim reminder of the constant peril they face and a symbol of their unyielding commitment to the Emperor's cause. These masks serve as both a practical necessity and a potent symbol of their dedication, ensuring that they remain capable of fulfilling their sacred duty on the battlefield, even amidst the deadliest of Environments.

This set contains:

  • ten Trench Korps Guard Heads - each of a unique pattern.
  • The product design fits 28 mm scale wargames.

This set is supplied unpainted. Cast from the highest quality resin. Our products are intended for experienced modelers and may require trimming, bending, and fitting. We recommend washing all resin parts before assembly (tap water with mild detergent) and using Kromlech Superglue or other cyanoacrylate adhesives.


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