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Embark on a journey of ingenuity and strategy with this unique set, embodying the resourcefulness and preparedness of the Frontier keyword. These figures unite to create a force that thrives on tactical foresight and calculated traps on the tabletop.

At the heart of this ensemble stands the Pathfinder, a skilled guide and scout who navigates the uncharted with expertise. Their presence on the battlefield adds a layer of strategic depth, reflecting their ability to guide and adapt.

These mechanical marvels complete the set, representing the ingenious traps that the Frontier keyword utilizes for its advantage. With their ability to control the battlefield and disrupt enemy movements, these traps provide a tactical edge that reflects the Guild's preparedness.

United under the Frontier keyword, this ensemble captures the Guild's ability to thrive in the uncharted and outsmart adversaries. Whether it's through skilled navigation or the calculated deployment of traps, these figures embody the resourcefulness and strategic prowess of the Guild's frontier forces. Embrace the power of ingenuity, outsmart your foes, and lead your frontier forces with unwavering determination as you command this versatile faction to victory.


  • Pathfinder
  • 4 Clockwork Traps


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