Toshi: Courtyard Wall Extensions

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"It just keep going and going and going..."

Expand the boundaries of your fortress and fulfill your architectural aspirations with the versatile Toshi: Courtyard Wall Extension kit. When you find yourself in need of additional walls to fortify your stronghold, this kit is the ideal solution, offering the means to extend your fortress to suit your desires.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with any of the other courtyard wall kits within the esteemed Toshi range, the Toshi: Courtyard Wall Extension kit provides the missing pieces to complete your vision. Whether you require extra protection, desire a larger enclosed space, or seek to enhance the aesthetics of your fortress, this extension kit grants you the flexibility to achieve your desired outcome.

By seamlessly connecting with the existing courtyard walls, the Toshi: Courtyard Wall Extension kit allows you to expand the boundaries of your fortress, effectively extending its reach to encompass the areas you wish to protect. No longer will you face the constraint of limited wall sections; with this extension kit, you have the freedom to create a stronghold that matches your grandest ambitions.

Immerse yourself in the artistry of Toshi architecture as you seamlessly incorporate the courtyard wall extension into your existing fortress design. With its careful attention to detail and flawless compatibility, this kit ensures a seamless transition, maintaining the integrity and aesthetic coherence of your fortress.

Let the Toshi: Courtyard Wall Extension kit be your gateway to boundless creativity. Expand your fortress, enhance your defenses, and craft a stronghold that reflects your unique vision and strategic prowess. With this kit at your disposal, you can take your Toshi fortress to new heights, empowering you to build a realm that stands as a testament to your imagination and determination to create a truly impregnable stronghold.

The Toshi: Courtyard Wall Extension kit is made from 3mm MDF. It is a great scenery kit to use in Fantasy skirmish games, will work perfectly with 28-32mm games and miniatures and look great on an Eastern Inspired Traditional game board.

Model supplied unpainted and requires assembly. We advise using PVA glue for the best results. Some kits may need filing for a perfect fit - always dry fit your models first for best results.


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