Tomb King on Necrolith Bone Dragon

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Unleash the ancient terror of the Necrolith Bone Dragon, a skeletal colossus reawakened from the sands of time by the formidable magic of the Liche Priests to serve as their fearsome mount in battle. With claws as hard as stone, this behemoth rends flesh and bone with ease, while its ghastly breath withers the living, leaving nothing but desolation in its wake.

This expansive plastic miniature kit offers the flexibility to assemble your Necrolith Bone Dragon with one of two distinct howdah designs: one tailored for the Mortarch of Nehekhara, epitomizing royal tyranny and might; the other for a Liche Priest of the Mortuary Cult, symbolizing dark mysticism and the manipulative power over death. Opting to mount the dragon with a Liche Priest not only brings a formidable figure to your army but also allows the assembly of a Tomb King on foot, providing a commanding presence on the battlefield and reinforcing the thematic depth of your forces.

Whether soaring overhead or leading your legions on the ground, the Necrolith Bone Dragon is a testament to the unyielding will of Nehekhara's rulers, a monstrous incarnation of their resolve to dominate both life and the afterlife.


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