Tomb Banshee

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Tomb Banshee

Those who have been most betrayed or tormented in life find no help in death, for they are drawn to a restless afterlife filled only with sorrow and revenge. Known as Tomb Banshees, these embittered spirits are destined to shriek their wailing cries and haunt the material plane.

Many practitioners of dark magic seek to recruit Tomb Banshees to their cause, for they are deadly opponents. The touch of these ghostly specters is enough to stop a beating heart, and their cold daggers can pierce armor and deliver a fatal blow. Her most formidable weapon, however, is her scream. A Tomb Banshee's howl can kill instantly, freezing the blood in its victims' veins. The cacophony is so painful it can tear a soul from its physical body. Only the bravest can withstand and survive this sonic assault.

Tomb Banshees are common in the Nighthaunt processions, drifting among other spectral formations while uttering their spiteful cries to annihilate the enemy. Although they are most commonly reported to act alone, there have been whispers following the recent outbreak of undead invasions by several Tomb Banshees working in tandem. At least five banded together - dubbed the Hellchoir of the Banelands - as part of Baron Finalem's army. Her screams were instrumental in the successful recovery of the great burial sites known as the Valley of Remembrance. There are also tales of a Tomb Banshee leading a huge wave of Myrmourn Banshees, the most famous of which is the host from Aqshy known as the Burning Scream.

This set contains one Vampire Counts Banshee. The highly detailed plastic kit comes in 6 components, and is supplied with a sculpted 20mm corner base. The miniature is unpainted and requires assembly. We recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


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