Titania Core Box

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In the realm of the Neverborn faction, where shadows weave tales of sorrow and desire, a haunting assembly known as the Woe emerges from the depths of the unknown. Amidst the chilling winds of this faction, the Woe keyword resonates, bringing together beings that personify both tragedy and enigmatic power.

The heart of the Woe pulses within the Titania Core Box, a collection that epitomizes the essence of the faction. Here, the Queen of the Fae stands as a central figure, a being of ethereal beauty and veiled strength. Titania's presence is both alluring and enigmatic, a ruler of the Woe who holds dominion over her subjects with a grace that belies the darkness that clings to her realm.

Beside her stands Aeslin, a loyal companion to the Queen and a being whose origins remain shrouded in mystery. Aeslin's devotion to Titania is unshakable, a testament to the intricate bonds that tie the Woe together. Whether wielding her weapons in defense of her Queen or guiding those who dare to traverse the shadowed paths, Aeslin's presence speaks of unwavering allegiance.

Gorar, a creature of boundless rage and shattered memories, adds his raw power to the Woe. His form is a mirror of his inner turmoil, a reflection of the anguish that courses through the faction's veins. Yet, amidst the chaos, Gorar's strength becomes a force to be reckoned with, a manifestation of the pent-up emotions that drive the Woe's actions.

The trio is completed by the Autumn Knights, a spectral assembly of warriors who embody the changing seasons and the inevitable cycle of life and death. Clad in armor that resonates with the colors of autumn leaves, they stand as guardians and reapers, both protectors of their Queen and harbingers of her will.

Together, the Woe faction with its enigmatic figures and melancholic presence paints a canvas of longing and power. From the heart of the Titania Core Box to the resonating strength of Aeslin, Gorar's uncontainable fury, and the spectral Autumn Knights, the Woe keyword weaves a tale that spans the spectrum of emotions, captivating those who venture into the realm of the Neverborn.


  • Titania Core Box
  • Aeslin
  • Gorar
  • 3 Autumn Knights


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