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The world of Malifaux is filled with intriguing characters, and the models included in this set offer a diverse array of individuals. These 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures, made of high-quality plastic, are designed for players of Malifaux and will require some assembly and preparation.

This set belongs to the Explorers' Society and Outcast factions and features individuals with the "Bygone" keyword. Here's a brief overview of the contents:

  1. Tiri, The Nomad: Tiri is a captivating character, and her role in the world of Malifaux is shrouded in mystery. As a Nomad, she embodies the spirit of adventure and the quest for the unknown.

  2. Oro Boro: Oro Boro is another enigmatic figure, and their presence adds an element of intrigue to your games. Their motivations and background are hidden, making them a compelling addition to your narrative.

  3. Kett: Kett is a versatile and essential character who can play a significant role in your games. Whether as a scoundrel, mercenary, or power-seeker, Kett's abilities and actions will shape the course of your adventures.

  4. Aua Warriors x3: These hardy men and women are Outcasts who have chosen to live beyond the constraints of the Guild and similar authorities. They embody the rugged, independent spirit of those who take on the dirtiest and most perilous tasks, or who carve their own path to power.

The Explorer's Society, originally established to rekindle the sense of adventure, now seeks to uncover the mysteries of Malifaux and accumulate rare artifacts. The motives of its members may be unclear, but their actions are driven by a desire to explore the uncharted and confront the unknown.

With these miniatures, you have the opportunity to bring these fascinating characters to life and immerse yourself in the rich and captivating world of Malifaux, where secrets, mysteries, and adventure await at every turn.


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