Thundertusk Beastriders

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A thundertusk is a massive, four-legged beast that roams the glaciated lands of the far north and the Mountains of Sorrow. It is a primeval creature that has survived since a bygone era, a time when the entire world was encased in ice. However, this did not happen unchanged. Over many generations, the distorting effects of raw chaos have gradually transformed the Thundertusk into a winter roaming ground. Radiating frost, the Thundertusk emits cool waves of icy air that slap around its mammoth skin, slowing all who dare approach the great beast.

Named for its most distinctive feature, the Thundertusk carries a deadly set of long and curved tusks protruding from its gaping maw, brutal protrusions it uses to smash through obstacles or impale prey. Projecting its cold aura with a massive thunderclap, the Thundertusk can even hurl arctic blasts of air that freeze distant victims, slowing them and holding them in place for the gargantuan creature to close in. The resulting tusk charge, not to mention the massive stomping feet, will shatter just about any enemy into fragments. The strength and endurance of the thundertusk are legendary, and the ogres that hunt these northern lands prize the creatures as feasting prey capable of feeding an entire tribe. In rare cases, a Thundertusk can even be captured, which the ogres then use as an almost unbeatable mount.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble a Huskard on Stonehorn, including one Citadel 120mm x 92mm Oval base. The kit can optionally be used to build a Frostlord or Beastriders on Stonehorn or a Huskard, Frostlord or Beastriders on Thundertusk.


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