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The thunderous echo of conflict resounds across the land, signaling the commencement of a tumultuous tale—a Saga known as "The First Shots have been Fired."

This grand odyssey, known as "Northern Aggression," unfurls before brave adventurers, beckoning them to traverse the storied landscapes of Malifaux's Northern Hills. From the bustling boomtown of Ridley to the icy expanse of the Ten Peaks and back again, the Fated shall embark on a journey that will test their mettle, challenge their wits, and unveil the darkest recesses of the human spirit.

As they traverse the rugged terrain of the Northern Hills, the Fated shall encounter not only the fierce elements but also the indomitable spirit of surly miners who call this unforgiving region home. Ancient magics, dormant for eons, shall awaken, revealing arcane secrets and enigmas that have long been buried beneath the frozen soil.

Yet, the gravest challenge that awaits is a sweeping conspiracy, a shadowy web of intrigue that threatens to cast the entire Northern Hills into the abyss of chaos and despair. In the face of this encroaching darkness, the Fated must stand resolute, for the destiny of the Northern Hills lies within their grasp.

Will they rise to the occasion and thwart the malevolent forces that seek to plunge the region into turmoil, or will they succumb to the all-encompassing maelstrom of "Northern Aggression"? Only time shall unveil the fate of the Northern Hills, and the journey to uncover the truth has only just begun.

Northern Aggression is the first in a three-part series of adventures for the Through the Breach roleplaying game. It can be played either on its own or as part of an epic campaign that will change the Northern Hills forever.
It requires the Fated Almanac to Play.


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