Thousand Sons Exalted Sorcerers

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Exalted Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons

Particularly powerful or skilled Chaos sorcerers of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion and its various successor warbands are often referred to as "Exalted Sorcerers". These sorcerers are incredibly dangerous and possess the most powerful psychic sorcery known to the mortal servants of Chaos.

Among the many warp-bearers of the Thousand Sons are those whose skill, cunning and naked ambition shine bright as a raging star. For these sorcerers, the power that can be achieved within the Legion is only bound by the limits of their own sanity, and they delve ever deeper into the most forbidden psychic disciplines to perfect their ruinous sorcery.

Those whose souls are not torn to shreds by the celestial forces they encounter can rise to the rank of Exalted. The members of this squadron are the most beloved of Tzeentch's mortal servants, powerful warlords who command the Legion's armies and steer the galaxy's course towards one of the terrible fates they have foreseen.

Sublime wizards are twisted arcanists, evil in intent and strange in form. Each has an encyclopaedic knowledge of complex spells and is able to shape reality to their liking. Among them are warrior-mystics who have stalked the galaxy for ten millennia, those exiles of Prospero whose lips cast the spell that condemned so many of the Thousand Sons to an eternity of dust.

To these masters of the esoteric, matters of war are a glaring distraction, but these visionaries bring a terrible focus to bear when the battle rages. Sparkling beams shoot into the sky from silvered citadels, acidic ectoplasm pours from outstretched fingers and the bones of their victims turn to molten lava at a whispered phrase. Those unkilled by these magical barrages are hurled into the bloody swamp, as horribly changed as the most hapless spawn of chaos.

Exalted Sorcerers are, without a doubt, extraordinary warriors. Their genetically augmented bodies were built for the ferocity of battle and enhanced by the gifts of their patron god through mutation - some have grown extra limbs or have eyes that exude flame as they gaze hatefully at their enemies.

By drawing on their reserves of psychic energy, an Exalted Sorcerer can further strengthen their martial abilities in terrifying ways. Complex spells are woven amidst the maelstrom of battle, allowing them to perceive their enemies' movements, see feints and ambushes in their mind's eye, and then strike back with deadly precision. With a sonorous curse, they fire vicious bolts of lightning to rip their enemies to shreds or ensnare them with cruel curses.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the necessary parts to build 3 Exalted Sorcerers, each armed with inferno bolt pistols and power bars. The kit includes 6 different chest plates, 7 different heads and a disc of the Tzeentch - this can be modelled upside down with various visible details and includes a magic flame for elevation. Supplied with 3 round bases 32 mm and 1 round base 40 mm.


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