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In a race against time, your response team must come together to prevent an ecological catastrophe caused by the blowout of offshore rig DeepWell•4. The rig is spilling crude oil into the ocean at an alarming rate, threatening marine life and the delicate ecosystem. With each passing minute, the situation worsens, leaving no room for delay.

Your mission is clear: contain the flowing oil, remove as much as possible from the water, and rescue the imperiled marine animals. The world is watching, and the fate of the coast rests in your hands.

This fully cooperative game, designed for 1-4 players, features a unique 4-way dice tower representing the oil rig. The tower randomly drops oil dice onto the game board's quadrants, creating a reverse tower defense experience. As players sail the perimeter, their goal is to push back the oil, remove dice from the water, and save sea life.

Before the game begins, the team selects communal resource cards. These cards provide crucial abilities and can be powered by either removing three oil dice from the game or saving a full set of six marine creatures.

Weather dice add another layer of challenge, introducing new obstacles each round. These dice restrict movement, increase the number of dropped oil dice, or raise the cost of operations, complicating your mission.

Success depends on coordination and teamwork. New oil dice are dropped at the beginning of every turn, and their numbers increase as the game progresses.

To win, the team must accomplish all three objectives listed on their WIN Condition card and address any potential losing conditions on the board by the end of a given turn. If they fail, the game ends either when the 60 dice from the bag are exhausted or when they cannot correct one of the three losing conditions.

Contain the oil. Save the sea life. Work together to avert disaster and restore balance to the ecosystem. The fate of the coast is in your Hands!


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