The Quick and the Undead - engl.

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Saddle up, partner, and ride into the dust-choked streets of West Fort, a rugged Wild West town teeming with the restless undead. It's a lawless land where only the boldest Outlaws dare to tread, and where you'll need to prove that you're not to be crossed. The stakes are high: gain more Notoriety than your fellow Outlaws, seize control of this forsaken town, and make it your own. But remember, out here, it's shoot first and ask never.

In "The Quick and the Undead," the action unfolds over a series of "days," each divided into three rounds of gritty confrontations. It's a game of strategy and cunning, where every move counts.

The game begins with all players simultaneously selecting one of eight actions, concealing their choices behind a D8. Once revealed, Outlaws are placed on the chosen action in descending numerical order. The Wild West is no place for indecision, partner, so choose wisely.

When two or more players find themselves sharing the same action, duels erupt in the dusty streets, settling matters with a deadly showdown. It's a game of high stakes and even higher tension.

But the key to dominance lies in gaining control of the town's unique buildings. If you've got the cash and the streets are free of the undead, you can stake your claim, and if another Outlaw stands in your way, a shootout for control is inevitable.

As the day unfolds, you'll vie for power, accumulating outlaws, dispatching the undead, and adding valuable buildings to your portfolio. It's a relentless race for Notoriety, as you seek to outscore your rivals.

When the sun finally sets on a day with fewer undead than players, it's time to tally up your Notoriety tokens, the undead you've dispatched, and the buildings you've wrested control of. The Outlaw with the highest Notoriety emerges as the victor.

And in case of a tie, it's time to settle things the Wild West way—with a duel to the death. Only the quickest draw and the sharpest aim will prevail in "The Quick and the Undead." So strap on your boots, load your six-shooter, and get ready for the showdown of a lifetime in the untamed frontier of West Fort.


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