The Other Side: Speckled Crawlers

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Speckled Crawlers are among the numerous species that form the foundation of the Gibbering Hordes' food chain. These creatures are highly adaptable and exhibit an impressive capacity to thrive in various environments. Upon their arrival on Earth, Speckled Crawlers quickly transitioned to terrestrial life, establishing small lairs in an array of concealed and dimly lit locations. Their natural proclivity for finding refuge in tunnels, beneath bridges, and within other obscure and concealed areas allowed them to proliferate and establish a significant presence on Earth.

This adaptability and resilience have made Speckled Crawlers one of the most abundant species within the Gibbering Hordes. Their ability to thrive in the darkest and most inconspicuous corners of the world contributes to their success in the ever-evolving ecosystem of the Hordes, ensuring their continued role as a fundamental component of the food chain.


  • Unit : Speckled Crawlers [10 models]

The models in The Other Side are 32mm scale with high levels of detail, allowing painters plenty of opportunities to paint their Champions, Squads, and Titans in whatever way they wish.


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