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As they journeyed further into the desolate Lone-lands, the signs of civilization became scarcer with each passing mile. There were no people to be found, no welcoming inns to rest their weary feet, and the roads themselves grew steadily worse, winding through the unforgiving terrain.

On the horizon, looming ominously, were the dreary hills, rising higher and higher into the ashen sky, their slopes shrouded in darkness by the dense canopy of ancient trees. These hills held secrets of a darker age, for atop some of them stood old castles, their architecture bearing an evil and malevolent look, as if they had been constructed by wicked hands and harbored malevolent spirits.

These are the Lone-lands, a forsaken and treacherous expanse, and within this grim setting unfolds "Tales from the Lone-lands." This compendium contains six gripping adventures meticulously crafted for The One Ring™, the official tabletop roleplaying game inspired by the literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Set against the backdrop of the lone-lands in north-western Middle-earth, these adventures transport players to the year 1965 of the Third Age. Each adventure within this compendium can be played individually, providing standalone tales of heroism and peril, or they can be seamlessly woven together to form a larger narrative tapestry.

Throughout these adventures, ancient evils stir as the Dark Lord extends his malevolent influence. The heroes, brave and resolute, may find themselves embroiled in a clandestine battle against the spies and stratagems of the Enemy, or they may embark on quests to unearth long-forgotten wonders hidden amidst the desolation of the north.

Their journeys will take them far from the comfort of hearth and home, and they will face trials and tribulations that test the very essence of their characters. The heroes' mission is clear: to preserve the spark of hope in these empty, wounded lands, for it is through their courage and determination that the healing of these lands may one day become a reality.

Yet, should they fail in their quest, the darkness that looms over the Lone-lands threatens to consume all. "Tales from the Lone-lands" beckons you to join in this epic struggle, to become a part of a story where the choices you make will shape the fate of Middle-earth itself. Will you be the hero that brings healing and light, or will you succumb to the shadows that seek to engulf all in despair? The choice is yours, and the fate of a world hangs in the balance.


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