The Lord of The Rings Battle of Osgiliath

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Recreate the epic battle between the forces of Gondor and Mordor with the incredible new box set for the strategy combat game Middle-earth™. It contains 54 miniatures including stunning new sculpts for Faramir, Madril, Damrod, Gothmog and Gothmog on Warg. Joining these heroes are 12 Warriors of Minas Tirith, 12 Rangers of Gondor, 24 Morannon Orcs, and a Mordor Troll.

There are also two groups of Gondor ruins that you can use to create your own Osgiliath battlefield. Can you hold this ancient city for the forces of good, or will you claim it in the name of Sauron?

The box also includes an updated rules manual, miniature and scenario game profiles booklet, dice and a distance ruler giving you everything you need to play.

The Battle of Osgiliath has a very special extended pre-order. It can be ordered from September 10th to September 26th at 8am BST. Orders placed in this window should arrive before Christmas.

The miniatures

The Forces of Good

  • Faramir™, Captain of Gondor
  • Madril, captain of Ithilien
  • Damrod, Ranger of Ithilien
  • 12 warriors of Minas Tirith™, clad in heavy armor to hold the line and wielding a variety of weapons
  • 12 Rangers of Gondor™, armed with sturdy bows to attack their foes from the shadows before striking them down with sword and spear

The Forces of Evil

  • Gothmog™, Sauron's Governor™, both riding his oversized Warg™ and another model showing him on foot
  • 24 heavily armored Morannon™ Orcs with shields and vicious melee weapons
  • 1 Armored Mordor™ Troll wielding a massive hammer

The Scenery

  • 2 sets of modular War-torn Gondor™ Ruins that you can use to build four large terrain pieces. They can also be combined to create larger buildings.

The rules
This box set contains the complete, unabridged, 224-page hardcover rules for the Middle-earth™ Tabletop Strategy Game, packed with the must-have rules, guides, and information to start playing the free, narrative, and balanced game with your Middle-earth™ miniatures game to play. This edition incorporates the latest updates and balance changes, making it the most comprehensive and up-to-date rulebook. Inside you'll find everything you need, from basics like movement and combat to using siege weapons and casting magical abilities, in a simple format with illustrations and photographs, complete with captions, showing the course of battle. Also included are images of beautifully painted armies to inspire you!

The box also includes a 16-page booklet with all the scenarios and profiles you need to recreate the Battle for Osgiliath with your models. Four scenarios allow you to play a cohesive mini-campaign - The Orcs Cross the Anduin, Ambush, Hunter or Hunted? and retreat to Minas Tirith!


  • 12 6-sided dice in two Colors
  • range finder
  • A double-sided sheet of tear-out tokens used in-game to represent different effects and states of models.

Early pre-orders of this product placed between Saturday 10th September and 8am BST on Monday 26th September 2022 will be delivered before the end of November.

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Wunderbares Set
5 from 5

Ein großartiges Set für alle „Herr der Ringe“- Fans. Schön produziertes Buch, schöne Miniaturen, nutzbarer Bereich.

Kacper G., 03.05.2024 Verified purchase
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