The Howling

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In the realm of the Neverborn, where reality and dreams entwine, the Fae keyword emerges as a captivating embodiment of enchantment and mystique. Within this otherworldly faction, the Fae transcend the boundaries of the known, weaving a tapestry of magic and wonder that beckons both the curious and the wary.

Among the Fae, the Rougarou prowls, a creature that embodies the untamed spirit of the wilds. With fur as dark as the moonless night, its eyes gleam with an intelligence that hints at ancient wisdom. The Rougarou's presence is a reminder that within the Fae, the line between the mundane and the extraordinary is blurred, and the boundaries between man and beast are malleable.

Accompanying the Rougarou are the Bultungin, three enigmatic figures whose forms shimmer like twilight mist. These creatures of veiled visages and capricious whims serve as both companions and guides to those who dare to traverse the Fae's domains. Their laughter rings like tinkling bells in the night, echoing through the moonlit woods and the hidden glens where the Fae hold their gatherings.

Together, the Rougarou and the Bultungin paint a portrait of the Fae's dual nature – a world where beauty and danger dance hand in hand. In the Fae's realm, every rustle of leaves carries a hint of magic, and every glimpse of shadow holds the promise of both secrets and revelations. As you step into the heart of the Neverborn's Fae faction, be prepared to wander through the realms of both dreams and nightmares, where the line between reality and fantasy blurs into a canvas of infinite possibilities.


  • 2 Rougarou
  • 3 Bultungin


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