The Hollow Men

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Hollow Men: empty shells inhabited by the bastard descendants of extreme science financed by Tunguska’s dirty money. There is no moral justification for the Hollow Men; these abominations correspond to an urgent and true need of Tunguska’s reality. How to avoid corruption of the security forces in an environment dominated by mafias who have made corruption their way of life? Dragnet needed an attack group that could be fully trusted, an intervention force that could not be infected with the insidious clutches of one of the Tunguscan mafia, a unit whose members were under constant surveillance so that their loyalty could not falter. But how do you have total control over a person’s life? The answer came from one of Praxis’s Black Labs: total VR immersion. It was necessary to create a complete virtual environment that could be easily monitored by Dragnet’s hunter pseudo-KIs. What the Black Labs developed was a simulated environment called Limbo, idyllic and perfect, but also malleable, enabling experiences that are impossible in the real world. In Limbo, the members of this unit live a full life in their solipsistic worlds and only connect with real and dirty reality during their time of service through tactical android bodies known as Hollow Men. And in this way, they completely reject the real world and their own bodies.


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