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Experience a novel twist in Warhammer Underworlds warband leadership with the uncanny Headsmen’s Curse. Commanded by a sentient, spectral sword known as the dread blade Terminus, this warband features an eerie entourage of enslaved Nighthaunt spirits. The specters obediently ferry their master across the battlefield, enabling Terminus to unleash its lethal attacks and reap a grim harvest of souls.

The Headsmen's Curse is a warband like no other. Its aggressive, power-centric playstyle revolves around providing unwavering support to the Wielder of the Blade. Guided by the sentient sword's ruthless will, this warband excels at not just brute force but also strategic manipulation, thanks to the attendant Nighthaunt's control mechanics and unique abilities.

The Nighthaunt spirits that accompany the dread blade add an element of unexpected strategy, disrupting enemy tactics and bolstering their master with various control mechanisms and special skills. Under the malevolent guidance of Terminus, these spirits wreak havoc upon opponents, setting the stage for the blade to strike its lethal blow.

If you're looking for a warband that redefines your gameplay experience, the Headsmen's Curse is your answer. Dive into the battlefield with this chilling, spectral force and command the dread blade Terminus to victory! The Headsmen's Curse promises a soul-harvesting ride of strategy, control, and sheer power, making it an exceptional addition to your Warhammer Underworlds Collection.


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