The Golden Sentinel (alternative sculpt)

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The Golden Sentinels are the bodyguards of the Emperor's clan, guarding the family on their travels, in their homes, and in court. They also serve as escorts for his Teishin as they travel throughout his empire and spread his holy word. If the Teishin of the Imperial Court are the voice of the Emperor in more barbarous lands far away, then the Golden Sentinels serve as his shield, all seasoned warriors sworn to protect their charges with their lives if need be. However, the size of the Golden Empire is such that Imperial missions and posts can often take many seasons without accounting for travel throughout the vast Empire, and as often the Sentinels can sometimes adopt local customs and on rare occasions become involved in the affairs of the natives.

This model can be fielded as part of a warband belonging to the following factions:

  • Ito clan
  • Jung Pirates
  • Minimoto clan
  • Ryu Prefecture
  • Shiho
  • Silvermoon Syndicate

Blister contains one miniature and one 30mm base. There is no profile card included.


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