The Enclave

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In the realm of Moonstone, three exceptional faeries stand as both embodiments of their titles and enigmatic wielders of magic: Teetoe, Fraya, and The Fencer, each labeled "Weakling." These seemingly fragile beings possess qualities that transcend their perceived limitations, weaving their destinies into the tapestry of Moonstone's captivating world.

Teetoe, a faerie of singular essence, radiates charm and mystery, leaving legendary echoes despite her delicate form. Embracing her paradoxical moniker, "Weakling," she defies fragility with unwavering resilience. Her melee prowess might be diminished, but her Enchanted Dagger transforms strikes into ethereal dances of arcane energy. Each touch infuses the mundane with magic, defying conventional damage classifications.

Arcane Reflection sets Teetoe apart, allowing her to manipulate fate itself. Sacrificing energy, she reverses roles when targeted by enemies' arcane abilities, becoming the caster and turning the tables. This mirrors Moonstone's celestial dance, a testament to her bond with its enchanting forces. Vigour flows through her, a beacon of vitality amidst chaos. Her innate restoration ability rekindles life with each energy spark, showcasing her boundless resilience.

Misdirection, her chosen illusion, rewrites battles with her magic's flourish. She alters enemies' paths with gestures, harnessing Moonstone's whimsy to her advantage. In Moonstone's domain, Teetoe shapes her unique destiny, adding her chapter to its tale. Her existence showcases that strength often thrives in magic's mystery.

Fraya, a faerie of arcane arts, balances mysticism and the mundane. "Feeble" adorns her, an enigmatic charm masking immense power. Melee prowess may dim, and harvest actions demand more essence, but her perceived vulnerability hides her true might. As a Trickster, her illusions and intrigue are executed with finesse, each bluff triggering intended effects and gifting energy surges, a Moonstone response to her cunning.

Healing Touch, her benevolence manifested, restores life. Wounds mend, spirits revive, and imparted essence holds Moonstone's mystical potency. Fizzle-pop bursts ethereal energy, damage intertwined with defense. Dizzly Spell severs a target's active ability, showcasing her mastery over reality's threads. In Moonstone's embrace, Fraya shapes her fate, adding her tale to its vibrant narrative.

Lastly, The Fencer, a blade master, embodies elegance and skill. "Weakling" shrouds him, yet he wields his weapon with deceptive grace. Strikes bear reduced damage, and harvest actions demand extra essence, yet these limits underscore his allure. Needle in hand, The Fencer elevates combat into art, his strikes precise symphonies. His blade pierces defenses, amplifying strikes with piercing mastery.

Volta defends against piercing harm, reflecting his offense-defense mastery. Moonstone resonates, dulling enemy piercing attempts. His agility, swift as wind, moves him gracefully mid-battle. Mastery over movement, 2-inch reactive steps, navigates chaos adeptly. Spite fuels retribution, each wound inflicting vitality. Enfeeble weakens foes' melee prowess, revealing his combat strategy mastery. In Moonstone's embrace, The Fencer scripts his destiny, a chapter in this enchanting world's tale.

Teetoe, Fraya, and The Fencer, united by contradictory titles, wield enigma and magic. They transcend fragility, contributing unique chapters to Moonstone's evolving Story.


  • 1 x Teetoe Miniature and Stat Card
  • 1 x Fraya Miniature and Stat Card
  • 1 x The Fencer Miniature and Stat Card

Miniatures are multipart and require Assembly.


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