The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms - Skeleton Horde Resin Expansion

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Beware the Skeleton Horde, for the creaking bones of the unquiet dead herald their approach. Animated by powerful Necromancers and bound by ancient oaths, these fallen warriors rise from their final slumber to challenge your Heroes.

In this expansion pack, you'll receive three Skeleton Warriors armed with sword and shield, ready to stand their ground against any foe. But that's not all - the fearsome Skeleton Axemen with their ancient great axes will bring down even the toughest of opponents.

Each miniature in this set is crafted from high-quality 32mm scale resin and comes with its own scenic base, providing an immersive experience for your tabletop battles. However, these miniatures do require some assembly and are supplied unpainted, giving you the opportunity to customize them to your liking.

So prepare to face the Skeleton Horde, and defend yourself against their relentless assault. With the Skeleton Warriors and Skeleton Axemen at your disposal, you'll have the powerful undead warriors you need to emerge victorious against any foe. Don't wait - add this set to your collection today and let the battle begin!


  • 3 x Skeletons Warriors
  • 3 x Skeleton Axemen


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