The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms - Nord Tomb Scatter Terrain Set

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As you enter the ancient tomb, the flickering light of the braziers illuminates the unique treasures that lie within. The low-level magic that keeps the flames burning also serves to reveal the untold dangers that lurk in the shadows. The sarcophagi are your first obstacle - each one encloses a sleeping Draugr, ready to crumble or rise at a moment's notice.

Your eyes wander to the glinting funerary urns, brimming with the possibility of treasure. The burial pots, too, contain the earthly wealth of long-dead kings - riches beyond your wildest dreams. But the question remains: can you make it out alive?

You take a deep breath and steel yourself for the fight to come. The treasures of the past are yours for the taking - but at what cost?


  • 12 x 32mm multipart resin terrain pieces
  • 1 x Upright Draugr Sarcophagus with lid and Draugr
  • 1 x Horizontal Draugr Sarcophagus with Lid and Draugr
  • 1 x Freestanding Brazier
  • 1 x Brazier in rock plinth
  • 4 x Funerary Urns
  • 4 x Storage Urns


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