The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms - Dwemer Markers and Tokens

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The ruins of Dwemer strongholds were a sight to behold. Despite the passage of time, these structures had endured, a testament to the skill of the Dwemer and the materials they used in their constructions. The buildings on the surface were merely a hint of the marvels that lay beneath.

Adventurous souls would venture into the underground chambers, hoping to discover the extraordinary machines that still functioned, powered by steam and lightning. But they did so at their peril, for the buttons and levers they encountered could just as easily summon mechanical guardians or activate flaming traps.

Those who survived such encounters were often rewarded with the strange, bronze-like metal that was used in much of the Dwemer's engineering. This valuable resource could be found in sturdy chests scattered throughout the strongholds.

But the rewards were not just material. There was much to learn from these enduring and beautiful monuments to a lost people. Those who delved deep into the ruins could uncover the secrets of the Dwemer and the knowledge that they had left behind.

The ruins of the Dwemer strongholds were a dangerous place, but for those willing to take the risk, the rewards were great.


  • 2 x Master Treasure Chest
  • 2 x Button Pillar
  • 2 x Puzzle Pillar
  • 2 x Lever
  • 8 x Dwemer Treasure Chests

Supplied unpainted and unassembled.


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